Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update Coming Soon!

At least, I hope so! I've been off the hook lately, yes, I admit that. I'm smack dab in the middle of an end-semester exam; my trip home has been unexpectedly delayed due to a sudden screw-up of my air and train tickets; a girl I (used to?) care about that I've known all my life decided to tell me that she's going to get married; the city's recording the highest summer temperatures in recent years... that's how things are at the moment. So if I do manage to whip up a rhyme sometime soon, it'll probably be quite unusual!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rapture Forgotten

I hath traversed the extra mile,
Seen the trail twist before me,
Thru agony, I'd carry a smile;
Still you serve to amaze me.

'tis not certain this emotion,
Mayhaps delight, rather rapture?
My words, bearing no assertion,
Yearn that I could forever capture -

This feeling in all its glory;
For in its discreet furtiveness,
My soul banishes all misery
And binds me in its tender caress.

But as time passes I slowly begin
To see beneath the smile you wear.
Divine blessing now my worldy sin;
How we once were a perfect pair!

My knees trembling and weak,
No longer serve to steady me;
My head hums as if to seek
The right note for a symphony.

I am confused; my vision fades,
And along with it the bliss.
Into the abyss my dream cascades,
Shattered and sealed by a kiss -

Yes! I remember - 'twas thee!
I fell for thee; smitten was I
By a love built on many a lie;
You left and withered my glee.

I curse myself, angry at the past;
Your tender kiss, your embrace
Have all gone, they could not last.
I sit tired as I slowly count the days.

The sun sets, and rises again.
The shadows fade, the scars heal.
Now as time starts to kill the pain,
Once again I slowly start to feel.

The storm passes, I've come full circle;
The road winds ahead of me again.
You taught me love, in ways incomparable;
I bid you farewell, as I end my refrain.