Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Verses (10)

Girl, you are so insatiably fine;
How I long to run fingers down your spine!
Alas! I yearn that you were mine -
I'd hold you till the end of time.

'tis the witching hour but I'm still awake;
My eyes tremble but they linger on,
Pondering over my life and dreams of late.
Thinking of you keeps me soldiering on...

You're my cherry on top, my piece of pie;
Red and brown, you're a treat to the eye.
You taste just as sweet, even sweeter;
I'd hold you if I could from now to forever.

I wish there was a place I could hide;
Leave my troubles and worries aside.
Like Alice with you by my side,
Down towards Wonderland we'll slide.

Rhymes For Her

The following bit was originally my answer to a comment on the last post, but I thought it deserved a spot on the main page...

I sit still, as I close my eyes;
I try to think, get my focus right.
But the words I see tell no lies,
There, laid out in plain sight -
A ballad, in perfect rhyme!
Enchanted, losing track of time,
I tell myself that it's a lie;
It's not possible, not ever!
Thoughts of you, begin to fly
Round my head, now it's a fever -
I need to get to know you better!
So have a heart, I need an answer!
For as much as I try and deny,
Your rhymes have me, I cannot lie;
Even now though I haven't seen you,
In shades of red, black and blue,
I think of you, and form a picture,
Though I know I could never capture
Your essence, your beauty sublime,
With the simple words that I rhyme.
So please, would you hear my plea?
I beg of you, down on one knee;
A little something about yourself,
Just to help me live with myself.
If not I could never ever forgive
Myself during this life I live,
Knowing that I'd never get to know,
About the girl that charmed me so.
In dreams you'll be until you do,
So here I am waiting for you!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have You Seen My Heart?

Have you seen my heart?
It was gone the moment you left.
As you turned you tore it apart,
And now I'm here sad and bereft.

Have you seen my heart?
I can't find it though I try.
I try to move on and play my part,
But all I do is live another lie.

Have you seen my heart?
Without it I am weak and frail;
The skies turn grey and then I start
Calling your name but to no avail.

Have you seen my heart?
Last I knew it was with you;
Bleeding as you chose to depart
The life we had for something new.

Have you seen my heart?
Heartless I die a bit more,
With every sunset that seems to impart
A longing to see you once more.

Have you seen my heart?
I pray one day you give it back,
For it still beats though we are apart;
Bleeding to keep our love intact.

Have you seen my heart?
I sit and wait beside your door;
Praying that you'll have a change of heart,
And together we'll be forevermore.