Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Scream!

In the shadows I look to see;
Break the chains of mystery.
For in this darkness there be,
Demons that come for me.

My feet stumble on the ground,
And I dare not turn round.
For what horrors may be found,
In this darkness with no sound?

The walls seem to cave in;
Housing, trapping me within'
Oh! What ever could be my sin,
To be here cryin' and tremblin'?

The ground now is sodden;
Water rises ever so sudden.
Before I know what's happen'd,
I am wet from where I'd trodden.

Ahead, still there is no light;
Only shadows black as night.
Senses numb, nothing in sight;
My feet tread on, left and right.

Out of the darkness I hear,
A whisper, soft yet clear.
A girl, trembling with fear,
Calling from somewhere near.

I stop and listen again,
But the voice is gone by then.
I wonder what had happen'd;
Who was she, beyond my ken?

I struggle on even faster,
In hopes that I'd see her.
But the way gets dimmer,
And the walls get narrower.

Just then a voice so shrill;
With terror I start to fill!
At once my feet stand still,
Amidst the flowing rill.

It is the same girl I can tell;
From ahead came the yell.
What tragedy could befell,
A girl in this horrid hell?

"Save me! Please save me!"
Louder and louder is her plea.
A sudden chill overcomes me,
As I fight the urge to flee.

But again she calls for me,
"Help me please! Anybody!"
I shiver and try to pray calmly,
"Oh God... please help me"

With that I made my way
Thru the dark, narrow pathway,
Determined not to run away;
To save her, come what may.

But her cries become softer,
Before I can get to her.
And soon I am left to wonder,
What had happened to her.

Silence once again settles in;
No more screams or yellin'.
Just the sound of water trickelin',
Down from the walls surroundin'.

I fall to my knees in tears;
Drenched in my darkest fears.
I pray the girl she hears,
The sound of these falling tears.

Then I notice something new,
Just beyond my field of view.
Then the girl she screams anew,
"No! Look! It's behind you!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Football Blues

There I was, trying to play football;
Thought I was good, tried to win it all.
So I bought me studs and some gloves;
Tried to do what a goalkeeper does.

And there I stood beside the goal-post,
Sure that I was good, better than most.
When the ball came I dived to the right;
Saved the ball as I was in mid-flight.

But that's not all, there's more you see,
I also got a sprain, and a bruised knee!
So here I am now, writing this story,
With sprained fingers I cringe in agony.

It was just practice with no referee,
But I sure do wish that I wasn't me!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lamentations In Rhyme

The moon is red, there's a chill in the air;
I think of you my lady fair.
Here I lie, without a care,
'cept for maybe the smell of your hair;
The touch of your skin. And tonight as I stare,
Into the darkness I say a prayer,
That you might save me from this nightmare.

And as the night begins to grow cold,
I start to long for someone to hold.
All the pain I've caused, the lies I've told,
Since the day we met, in days of old,
Serve only to make my torment two-fold.
So now I ask, if I may be so bold,
Could you love a heart grown so cold?

'cause I can't go on, if truth be told;
The pain inside's too much to bear.
For all the lies and secrets I've sold,
Pull at my heart as it begins to tear.

But I'll hold on, come what may,
If I knew there'd come a day,
When you'd hear this humble plea,
And break the chains to set me free.