Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Verses (7)

He knew 'twas there, but not where it lay,
Subdued the while he moved with life's sway.
Then it came to him, 'twas one fine day - 
The love he had, that he'd kept at bay.

When winds were fair, he was satisfied;
Calm and content enjoying life's ride.
But as came sorrow, the rising tide,
Showed feelings he could no longer hide.

I share my plight with the night's shadows;
Feed my curse - all to drown my sorrows.
My demons dance whilst I serenade;
A final encore and thus I'll fade...

As I sing my song would you tag along;
If but only in dreams - like we belong
To a play's romance by a poet long gone?
We'll dance thru the night as the song goes on...

Random Verses (6)

It starts to rain as I try once more,
To relive seeing the face I so adore;
I close my eyes, and like times before,
Wish I was there, right outside your door.

Tonight again I'll do the deed,
So my princess I beg you heed:
As my dream takes flight to where you're stayin',
Would you open the door, and let me in?

A part of me wants to lie down and cry - 
Feed the despair that prevails within.
Still though I'm weary I cannot deny,
That the thought of you keeps me livin'...

In Parting

In the likeness of you, I'll see shadows through the night;
With thoughts of you, keep the embers burning bright.

Now that you've left, just one thing seems right - 
That in the darkness of today, you've found a light.

Someone to hold your hand, in sadness and delight;
In the light of day, and tempest of the night.

And if life brings you down; you're numb with fear,
Take a look at yourself and shed not a tear.

For by some twist of fate, if cupid's arrow,
Stains your eyes with even a hint of sorrow - 

I will curse the gods, and let them know,
That I'll give my today, and my tomorrow - 

To give you happiness; a reason to smile - 
Yes, I will gladly walk that extra mile.

And as I sing my song, I wish to thee:
Love and happiness, but please remember me!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Verses (5)

Sometimes I surrender, try to take a fall;
Give up hope - give in and chance it all.
Sometimes it hurts, can't always stand tall,
But you'd pick me up, you're a real doll.

Why would I want to live forever,
If I walk the path thru life's endeavour,
Without her hand to hold -  a true lover?
Yes, I'd rather hold on till the life after.

Although thou hath all but shunned I
As of late, still I do not lie - 
Thy essence wilt serve to occupy
My thoughts, fore'er until I die.

Every now and then I reminisce,
About the past and what I've missed - 
I was naive to have missed the bliss,
Of giving you love and a... kiss?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Verses (4)

The skin that be your outer sheath,
The loving heart that beats beneath;
In fact even the very air that you breathe,
Akin to beauty like a flower's wreath.

My words are yours and yours alone;
I will it not that they be shown - 
To seeing eyes other than your own,
For then my pledge to you be known.

My nights are long as always,
Contemplating on past spent days.
'pon vague images amidst the haze,
I cry your name lest my sanity fades.

Our paths they met for times bittersweet,
But Providence be praised we could ever meet.
Through wind and rain, sun and sleet,
I'll remember till we bow at the Lord's feet.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Verses (3)

'What is the meaning of life?' I ask,
The purpose beneath this sun I bask...
For within this realm I find,
Many a thing I cannot leave behind.

Heaven forbid you throw a tantrum;
Call people gay and live a world apart - 
Get any angrier and the day will come,
When in boundless fury you will fart.

'tis but a moment I wish to take,
To share what's been as of late - 
Of pain, sorrow, joy and rapture;
The many things in human nature.

I beheld, around me darkness - 
Bathing in shadow's tender caress.
The moon above me seems to shed a tear,
So do I, wishing you were here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Verses (2)

They shalt close, these eyes of mine;
Mine shrivelled hands wilt lay at rest.
Still I fear not that day's tempest -
For by then I shalt fore'er be thine.

Mine outstretched hands reach for thee,
But the fates defer, they will it not;
As thou rise to greet me as thou ought,
I find mine feet carry me away from thee.

I stand aghast, mine eyes go blind,
Asking reason upon destiny's word.
Can'st human will the least perturb,
Fate that maketh me leave thee behind?

If life be so pointless and numb,
Would'st thou ever need me?
For with solemn words I assure thee,
At your slightest call I shalt succumb.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Verses (1)

Here I lie, sleep deprived,
Lonely and all the more confused;
Wondering why two hearts already fused,
Must be made to tear and divide.

Again a day passeth beyond, out of sight;
Again I linger on unto the morn' light.
My soul calleth out amidst the night -
The beckoning cry of a lover's plight.

A man once torn shed his voice,
For the love of song he and his friends;
Betwixt was he as a fair maiden extends,
A hand of friendship and gives him no choice -

But to take the chance and her hand,
And pray to the power divine:
'Forgive me as on this earth I stand,
Bewitched by a maiden, could she be mine?'

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sonnet For Soul

There I was, amidst the night - torn and lost,
Though my feet beneath me they straggled on.
I was walking yes, but much without cause,
And the moon above me still shining on.

I implored her to tell me - ease my mind,
She did not stir, so I asked her in kind:
'Why am I here, walking these very streets,
Fighting for every breath, while my heart bleeds?'

And then she said, 'For many years you sought,
Fame, glory, a love to last till you die;
But in doing so, you never gave thought,
To your heart's desires, you've lived a lie.

'So go now, and take heed these words of mine,
Live with your heart, never leave it behind.'

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Of Life And Dreams

Long ago, in a forest white as snow,
Walked a fair maiden, in lovely delight -
But her crimson lips cursed to never know,
That the forest was once black as night.
Night falls, silence besets the forest:
The lady fair, now delicate and dismayed -
Cries out, fear beats upon her chest;
Alas! Her cries are empty as they fade...
In darkness she weeps, tears dry out;
Waits for dawn to trace her steps,
'I'll find my way, without a doubt,
'No, not here... in wonderland perhaps.
For the night is eternal dear lady,
The voices - you hear them don't you?
She screams again; a faint, 'No! Mercy!...
'Hush... only the night can hear you!
She turns and runs, pale with fear;
She trips, and falls to her knees.
She cries, 'Get back! Don't come near!
'It rains as in the night she bleeds...
Tasting blood, she soon forfeits,
She bows her head, ready to die.
She says a prayer, bites her lips,
Then it all goes dark... she says goodbye.
Just then... it all goes quiet;
Only her sobs fill the air.
Then come footsteps silent,
And a hand on her silken hair...
'I'll save you,' he says,
Take you away from here.
'He takes her in his embrace;
He was her night, she held him dear.
He led her thru the trees and the night,
She followed blindly with trust.
Then he pulled away and out of sight,
And left her crying in the dust...
All hope gone, she looks back:
With joy, enter'd the forest;
Now broken and betrayed, 'tis fact -
How she longs for a tender caress...
Lost and lonely, she passes out,
She remembers nothing after.
She awakes with the sun fully out,
And a face that looks upon her...
'You've been thru much,' says he,
'I tried to warn you, but couldn't say it,
'He begs pardon, down on one knee,
As tears fill the eyes of the poet.
'I'm just a poet, nothing more,
My rhymes - they couldn't save you.
Your sad face is hard to ignore,
For my heart bleeds of guilt anew.'
The maiden smiles - a faint blush;
His heart skips a beat.
A smile from lips full and lush;
His heart then accepts defeat.
She looks back - the forest behind,
Now green and lush in the sun's eyes.
She soon forgets what she did find,
And falls again for the knight's lies.
'Look my poet, at the forest;
So much life, so much beauty.
Surely it be the angels' nest,
Wherein I shall find serenity.'
'No!' he cries, but 'tis late,
For the maiden hath passeth by.
With a nimble heart, she sealed her fate,
Answering the wicked knight's cry
He weeps - the tears never cease;
He then begins to wither.
He closes his eyes, in deadly ease -
The beat stops - his life asunder.
Long ago, in a forest white as snow,
Walked a fair maiden, in lovely delight -
But her crimson lips cursed to never know,
That the forest was once black as night.