Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Verses (5)

Sometimes I surrender, try to take a fall;
Give up hope - give in and chance it all.
Sometimes it hurts, can't always stand tall,
But you'd pick me up, you're a real doll.

Why would I want to live forever,
If I walk the path thru life's endeavour,
Without her hand to hold -  a true lover?
Yes, I'd rather hold on till the life after.

Although thou hath all but shunned I
As of late, still I do not lie - 
Thy essence wilt serve to occupy
My thoughts, fore'er until I die.

Every now and then I reminisce,
About the past and what I've missed - 
I was naive to have missed the bliss,
Of giving you love and a... kiss?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Verses (4)

The skin that be your outer sheath,
The loving heart that beats beneath;
In fact even the very air that you breathe,
Akin to beauty like a flower's wreath.

My words are yours and yours alone;
I will it not that they be shown - 
To seeing eyes other than your own,
For then my pledge to you be known.

My nights are long as always,
Contemplating on past spent days.
'pon vague images amidst the haze,
I cry your name lest my sanity fades.

Our paths they met for times bittersweet,
But Providence be praised we could ever meet.
Through wind and rain, sun and sleet,
I'll remember till we bow at the Lord's feet.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Verses (3)

'What is the meaning of life?' I ask,
The purpose beneath this sun I bask...
For within this realm I find,
Many a thing I cannot leave behind.

Heaven forbid you throw a tantrum;
Call people gay and live a world apart - 
Get any angrier and the day will come,
When in boundless fury you will fart.

'tis but a moment I wish to take,
To share what's been as of late - 
Of pain, sorrow, joy and rapture;
The many things in human nature.

I beheld, around me darkness - 
Bathing in shadow's tender caress.
The moon above me seems to shed a tear,
So do I, wishing you were here.