Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Memory of You

When the night starts to settle in,
I slowly drown in this funny feelin'.
As the night gets to a darker hue,
My mind wanders in a sea of blue.

In darkness I dance with my spirit white -
I pray that it helps me sleep tonight;
But with every drop that washes over me,
It leads me to you and your memory.

And of one I cannot help but smile -
'twas a cold night, and many a mile
We drove through the night forlorn;
I could've driven till the early morn'

Or forever, if that could ever be,
Because with you right next to me;
Where or how long it doesn't matter;
Summer heat or the depths of winter.

I couldn't care less where I am going;
Just as long as I'd be there knowing
You were so near, right by my side;
Giving me that funny feeling inside.

So I stare at my last glass, alone;
I breathe in, and soon it's all gone.
As for this memory of you, I'll keep;
A lullaby as I lay me down to sleep.