Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Verses (7)

He knew 'twas there, but not where it lay,
Subdued the while he moved with life's sway.
Then it came to him, 'twas one fine day - 
The love he had, that he'd kept at bay.

When winds were fair, he was satisfied;
Calm and content enjoying life's ride.
But as came sorrow, the rising tide,
Showed feelings he could no longer hide.

I share my plight with the night's shadows;
Feed my curse - all to drown my sorrows.
My demons dance whilst I serenade;
A final encore and thus I'll fade...

As I sing my song would you tag along;
If but only in dreams - like we belong
To a play's romance by a poet long gone?
We'll dance thru the night as the song goes on...

Random Verses (6)

It starts to rain as I try once more,
To relive seeing the face I so adore;
I close my eyes, and like times before,
Wish I was there, right outside your door.

Tonight again I'll do the deed,
So my princess I beg you heed:
As my dream takes flight to where you're stayin',
Would you open the door, and let me in?

A part of me wants to lie down and cry - 
Feed the despair that prevails within.
Still though I'm weary I cannot deny,
That the thought of you keeps me livin'...

In Parting

In the likeness of you, I'll see shadows through the night;
With thoughts of you, keep the embers burning bright.

Now that you've left, just one thing seems right - 
That in the darkness of today, you've found a light.

Someone to hold your hand, in sadness and delight;
In the light of day, and tempest of the night.

And if life brings you down; you're numb with fear,
Take a look at yourself and shed not a tear.

For by some twist of fate, if cupid's arrow,
Stains your eyes with even a hint of sorrow - 

I will curse the gods, and let them know,
That I'll give my today, and my tomorrow - 

To give you happiness; a reason to smile - 
Yes, I will gladly walk that extra mile.

And as I sing my song, I wish to thee:
Love and happiness, but please remember me!