Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wish You Were Here

With the sorrow and pain I bear,
I search for a face that'll care.
But I can think of only you my dear;
Oh! How I wish that you were near!

The fire still burns inside this heart;
On it shall rage though we are apart.
My lips, tainted with the taste of yours;
Though words fail me my love endures.

I wish that I'd met you much earlier,
For the precious times we had together -
They ne'er seem enough to satisfy;
I am helpless against these tears I cry.

The days drift on and I am alone;
No one cares - to each his own.
But you were mine, yes you were -
Before these tears e'er so bitter.

I gaze ahead into the still darkness;
Empty and longing for your caress.
I cry your name out into the distance;
Nothing - just the sound of silence.

Do you hear me calling out to you?
Do you think of the love we knew?
And if you remember what we had,
Does it ever make you feel sad?

For in all that time in yesteryears,
I was always there to catch your tears.
But now my hands are numb with fear,
And I call for you, but you are not here.

The wind picks up, the cold seeps in,
And though the fire still burns within -
It starts to wither and I shed a tear;
Oh! How I wish that you were here!