Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Verses (9)

You and I, we're words without a rhyme -
Two images caught in time;
A picture to the eyes of the blind.
You and I, we're two of a kind.

In my heart you'll be until we meet;
Till I come home and stumble at your feet.
A feeling so loud yet so discreet;
Growing forevermore with every heartbeat.

Girl, you are so insatiably fine;
How I long to run fingers down your spine!
Alas! I yearn that you were mine -
I'd hold you till the end of time.

If I could have the night and make it mine,
And tell the stars to fall in line -
I'd tell the moon to go and shine,
On the girl I love, with a heart that's mine.

Monday, January 26, 2009


In countless dreams, I've had you near;
Held your hand, away from fear.
You killed the pain that I couldn't cure,
And together fore'er we'll endure.

Through whate'er life will have us bear,
All the while not stopping to care.
We'll make it thru the nightmare
Of a life that isn't always fair.

Kill the demons that wish to impart
Anger and hate to keep us apart.
I promise always with a loving heart,
I'll turn our love into living art.

Comparable to the likes of Da Vinci;
In all his glory, and with poetry,
Carve our name amongst the history
Of great lovers, and the tragedy

That befell them all and had them fall -
Only to rise again to answer the call
Of true love, and in a world so small,
I know you and I, we can stand tall.

'Cause you give a fix, an insatiable bliss;
A rush of blood that I'd always miss.
On the day we had our first lil' kiss,
You saved me from the eternal abyss

That raged within me, knew no bounds,
Where life was all sadness and frowns.
Been there, done that, made the rounds,
And yes everyone has ups and downs,

But I was down and out, couldn't get up.
All that changed, when you showed up -
I saw hope and a real reason to get up
And to tell myself, "I've had enough!"

I'm alive and living now thanks to you,
I can look forward to something new;
A chance to believe in something true,
Other than the lies of the world I knew.

So don't ever go and leave me standing,
We'll work thru the pain and misunderstanding
That always comes when you're falling
In love with someone so worth loving!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Verses (8)

Amidst the anguish and despair I looked her way,
And as her hand left mine I wondered in dismay:
Why must I leave her now, and why can I not stay?
If only my heart could find the right words to say!

In the darkness I find my peace of mind,
Therein I wonder; could you be mine?
A face so tender, that's almost divine -
If I searched my soul, it's you that I'd find.

There was once a time my lady when I would swear,
My adoration of thee was born of the flesh.
Alas! But now away more miles than I can bear,
I know better, for the days bleed my heart afresh.

I see your face as I look around,
Into the darkness that had me bound -
To a dying heart, without a sound,
You came along, turned my life around.