Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Verses (11)

Another day, and I just got old;
I'm in bed feeling rather cold.
If ever I had a magical charm,
I'd wish for you to keep me warm.

The trials of the heart are the hardest to bear -
They worry you though you try not to care.
But 'tis human nature in the pursuit of love,
To do bad things if the heart's just had enough!

If there was a moment I could fore'er keep,
From memories hidden somewhere deep,
It'd be the day we met - your smile so sweet;
How you charmed me in ways e'er so discreet.

I used to dream in colours blue,
But as of late when I'm lying in bed,
I only see dreams in colours red -
Red means I'm thinking of you.

As I tread the path of dreams tonight once more,
Thru the passages in my mind I enter that open door.
Inside you'll be there to help be drown my sorrow,
And we'll hide away till morning comes tomorrow.

Perched on the terrace beneath the shade of a blue night,
I stare out into the darkness and pretend I'm not alone.
Your voice echoes in my head and I'd call you on the phone,
But I've got theories to learn and passages to read tonight.

So I guess I'll close my eyes and think of you again,
And in my mind's eye I'll stare at that picture of you.
As minutes turn to hours I'll get by and pretend,
That I'm not alone; that I was somewhere with you.

The silence fills my mind with emotions in shades red & blue;
Thoughts in my mind that seem to float round images of you.
Red for the passion that you stir within this tired heart;
Blue for the emptiness in knowing that we are so far apart!