Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ballad of the Broken

The walls you've built I understand -
You must've tried hard; built them by hand.
But I'll come a knockin' every once in a while,
For these legs won't last me another mile.

You used to shelter me from demons my own.
The smiles you gave, the care you've shown;
I did not deserve them, nor did I realise -
I'd need them so much as this heart slowly dies.

You've always wanted to know me better -
You waited patiently but alas I never
Walked in thru the door you kept open;
I watched as slowly it closed again.

I started on my way like I always have;
Tried to hide my guilt with a smile or a laugh.
And as it was it wasn't long before
I found I'd left my heart there at your door.

The ballads we've shared; each and every line -
I've kept them safe and many a time,
I read them again and for a while,
I'd remember how you always made me smile.

So if the light fades and it gets cold inside,
And you feel like taking a walk outside -
Open the door and you'll find me waiting;
And yes I'd promise I won't ever be leaving!