Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random Verses (12)

Dawn is breaking and my eyes are red;
I think of what I've done and what I've said.
It seems I haven't done a thing but instead,
Been stuck with thoughts of you in my head.

I wish that the day would came to pass,
When we'd both build something to last;
A dream onto which we could hold fast.
Build a future together; forget the past.

I want to be there to make sure you don't weep;
Climb mountains for you no matter how steep.
You're the best part of the day when I get to sleep;
The best part of memories that I'll forever keep.

The cool night air takes me far away
To a place; a dream I wish I could stay.
For there lies the maiden ever so fair;
'tis none but you with your flowing hair.

As it starts to drizzle I feel the flow,
And I wish it would last till tomorrow.
For in my dream time seems to slow,
As I walk in the rain with you in tow.

I hear the echoes of a melody dark and deep,
And perched as I now 'pon hills e'er so steep,
I feel it from the valley of my soul like a gentle weep;
Working it's way up from below upto my mind's keep -
Filling it with such sorrow as I lay me down to sleep.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Echoes in the Dark

'tween happiness and sorrow some wait for tomorrow,
Hoping that perhaps they'll be struck by cupid's arrow;
Lying asleep they paint the most beautiful picture,
Of the world and a future so filled with rapture.

While in the darkness some souls they remain,
Caught in the sadness of an endless refrain;
Bound and broken they weep and they pray,
That their sorrow and torment won't last another day.

I've lived both lives and I know the feel;
Hope and despair so vague yet so very real.
But tonight in these few seconds that I am awake,
There's just one wish that I'd like to make -

That you'd be here so I could hold you just once, but then again no;
If I held you now, I'd want to hold you again and I'd never let go.
For we could be symphonies you and I,
Even if life's melodies were low or high.

Tonight if you were here I'd hold you and I won't let go,
As I whisper softly for you, a tune to keep us till tomorrow...