Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sally Come Home

You were young and so free -
Like a ship on the sea,
You moved with the tide;
Innocence inside.

But your sails they were worn,
The years passed forlorn;
Couldn't weather the storm,
Broken and torn.

Like a rose in a garden of thorns,
You bleed with the call of the dawn;
And when the light fades on to dark,
It doesn't hide the pain in your heart.

So what will it be?
Now you're lost out at sea.
You're going nowhere;
You know I still care.

I'm shining a light,
For you every night;
And pray that you may
Come back someday.

With every day that passes on by,
You realise you're living a lie.
You don't have to be all alone;
Oh Sally why don't you come home?


The choices you make and the path you choose,
Is yours to make whether you win or lose;
And you can bend and break any of the rules,
Because in the end we're all nothing but fools.

To each a garden of grass and rose;
To each a share of friends and foes.
What you sow you're bound to reap;
The words you sell are what you'll keep.

I've got nothing to give and little to say;
What's mine isn't really mine anyway.
What matters isn't matter, it's how you feel -
That's the only thing that makes anything real.

And as it stands I've forsaken all possession,
Only to feed that which is my only obsession.
You are the only thing to me that's real;
Yours is the reason for everything I feel.

Miles Away

It's an unforgiving wind out tonight;
Headlights dim and the miles are long.
My destination still nowhere in sight,
As I try to get back to where I belong.

Been up all night and my eyes are red;
I'm trying to fight the urge to sleep.
I think of home and a nice, warm bed;
A home far away, 'pon hills ever steep.

My hands grow numb from the cold air;
Clinging to my jacket I slowly breathe in.
With a gentle whisper I say a prayer,
That I might get to where I'm headin'.

I wish you'd be there at my journey's end,
With open arms and that gorgeous smile.
A confidant, a lover, a faithful friend;
To help me make it past that last mile.