Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Lady In Black

As I lay asleep 'pon my bed in the dead of night,
I hear her whispers - her voice calling out to me.
I know she'll come again to share her dark delight,
The lady in black - and I'll share her sweet misery.

With eyes like the rain she starts to pull me in -
She takes my hand and with cold hands she grips.
I feel her touch and I can resist no more, I give in;
Pleading once more for a taste of her tainted lips..

Silent, she leads me on - out into the night,
And in the moonlight our dreams take flight.
The skies pour but my lady she doesn't care -
In the cold rain we share our little nightmare..

I start to tremble, caught in her cold embrace.
I open my eyes; in the dim light I see her face -
Beautiful eyes that shall haunt me forevermore,
For the lady in black, she's just worth dying for..

She smiles; then with her hands she pulls me closer,
And softly she whispers words I'll always remember.
Then with the rush of a cold wind she's gone, I shiver;
Alone in the rain, waiting, lost in a dream without her...