Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Verses (5)

Sometimes I surrender, try to take a fall;
Give up hope - give in and chance it all.
Sometimes it hurts, can't always stand tall,
But you'd pick me up, you're a real doll.

Why would I want to live forever,
If I walk the path thru life's endeavour,
Without her hand to hold -  a true lover?
Yes, I'd rather hold on till the life after.

Although thou hath all but shunned I
As of late, still I do not lie - 
Thy essence wilt serve to occupy
My thoughts, fore'er until I die.

Every now and then I reminisce,
About the past and what I've missed - 
I was naive to have missed the bliss,
Of giving you love and a... kiss?

1 comment:

Hruaii said...

i'm surprised to find no comments here..coz it's da one i can identify with the the last lines..!!hey andy,saw your work in Virthlileng..dat was u right,da poet of "Of life and dreams"..?i think u got one giant lot of a talent..and u should'nt slow down..not for a moment..!!