Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Verses (8)

Amidst the anguish and despair I looked her way,
And as her hand left mine I wondered in dismay:
Why must I leave her now, and why can I not stay?
If only my heart could find the right words to say!

In the darkness I find my peace of mind,
Therein I wonder; could you be mine?
A face so tender, that's almost divine -
If I searched my soul, it's you that I'd find.

There was once a time my lady when I would swear,
My adoration of thee was born of the flesh.
Alas! But now away more miles than I can bear,
I know better, for the days bleed my heart afresh.

I see your face as I look around,
Into the darkness that had me bound -
To a dying heart, without a sound,
You came along, turned my life around.


Calliopia said...

Andy, love the new picture on top. And I love the blurb on the right. I think you write very enjoyable prose too btw. Like your article in the Hyd Mizo mag which I really liked.

Andy Varte said...

Thanks... really. I've thinking of posting some 'prose' works in future as well...