Monday, January 31, 2011

Echoes in the Dark

'tween happiness and sorrow some wait for tomorrow,
Hoping that perhaps they'll be struck by cupid's arrow;
Lying asleep they paint the most beautiful picture,
Of the world and a future so filled with rapture.

While in the darkness some souls they remain,
Caught in the sadness of an endless refrain;
Bound and broken they weep and they pray,
That their sorrow and torment won't last another day.

I've lived both lives and I know the feel;
Hope and despair so vague yet so very real.
But tonight in these few seconds that I am awake,
There's just one wish that I'd like to make -

That you'd be here so I could hold you just once, but then again no;
If I held you now, I'd want to hold you again and I'd never let go.
For we could be symphonies you and I,
Even if life's melodies were low or high.

Tonight if you were here I'd hold you and I won't let go,
As I whisper softly for you, a tune to keep us till tomorrow...


illusionaire said...

Ah... Valentine's Day approaching... now I see where such poems are coming from :D

kim chinzah said...

For we could be symphonies you and I,

I love that line :)

blackestred said...

Nicely done! Welcome back after a long break, still in perfect rhyme.

Andy Varte said...

@illusionaire: I hadn't a clue that Valentine's was so close! This latest post wasn't thought of as poem as such - just random lines I wrote in the spur of the moment in the wee hours of the night... close to dawn. I guess that's why the lines are noticeably uneven and scattered than usual. I thought I'd put it under the "Random Verses" category but it seemed a bit lengthy and it did have it's own little theme. Thanks for stopping by... and have a great Valentine's Day!

@kim chinzah: Thank you Kim. Symphonies... as in, music I thought. And there's always a key to music... if you don't think I'm making sense, then perhaps you should be looking for the meaning between the lines :)

@blackestred: Ola! My laptop hasn't been working since Christmas, when the hard-disk crashed for no reason at all, and I lost all my data. 160GB worth of pictures, videos, songs and more importantly, stuff I've written over the last three years! I tried getting it recovered at various places in Hyderabad, but to no avail :'( All I have now are those that are up in my blog (!) Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully 2011 will be the season for more rhymes!

X said...

I found my way to your blog through a winding path (Thanks to Facebook! :D) You write very well... There is something you've captured in those words.

Andy Varte said...

@X: Thank you, X. Facebook does bring the occasional surprise... and I'm glad you stopped by to read my blog. Although I doubt my writing prowess as you would put it, I appreciate it nonetheless. Thank you.

kirti said...

that was so gud ..!! loved it

Andy Varte said...

@kirti: Thank you!

Aina Siao said...

Fantastic poem. Just keep creating new poems. Well done! interior painting

Merry Lurker said...

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Andy Varte said...

@Merry Lurker: Hello there. I've seen your blog - nice stuff. Keep it going! :-)