Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sally Come Home

You were young and so free -
Like a ship on the sea,
You moved with the tide;
Innocence inside.

But your sails they were worn,
The years passed forlorn;
Couldn't weather the storm,
Broken and torn.

Like a rose in a garden of thorns,
You bleed with the call of the dawn;
And when the light fades on to dark,
It doesn't hide the pain in your heart.

So what will it be?
Now you're lost out at sea.
You're going nowhere;
You know I still care.

I'm shining a light,
For you every night;
And pray that you may
Come back someday.

With every day that passes on by,
You realise you're living a lie.
You don't have to be all alone;
Oh Sally why don't you come home?

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