Friday, November 7, 2008

In Parting

In the likeness of you, I'll see shadows through the night;
With thoughts of you, keep the embers burning bright.

Now that you've left, just one thing seems right - 
That in the darkness of today, you've found a light.

Someone to hold your hand, in sadness and delight;
In the light of day, and tempest of the night.

And if life brings you down; you're numb with fear,
Take a look at yourself and shed not a tear.

For by some twist of fate, if cupid's arrow,
Stains your eyes with even a hint of sorrow - 

I will curse the gods, and let them know,
That I'll give my today, and my tomorrow - 

To give you happiness; a reason to smile - 
Yes, I will gladly walk that extra mile.

And as I sing my song, I wish to thee:
Love and happiness, but please remember me!

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