Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Verses (6)

It starts to rain as I try once more,
To relive seeing the face I so adore;
I close my eyes, and like times before,
Wish I was there, right outside your door.

Tonight again I'll do the deed,
So my princess I beg you heed:
As my dream takes flight to where you're stayin',
Would you open the door, and let me in?

A part of me wants to lie down and cry - 
Feed the despair that prevails within.
Still though I'm weary I cannot deny,
That the thought of you keeps me livin'...

1 comment:

eszet said...

i like the "my princess" part or do you do that only in ur poems!? ;) deep thei tlar2 kher mai, keep it up!!