Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Football Blues

There I was, trying to play football;
Thought I was good, tried to win it all.
So I bought me studs and some gloves;
Tried to do what a goalkeeper does.

And there I stood beside the goal-post,
Sure that I was good, better than most.
When the ball came I dived to the right;
Saved the ball as I was in mid-flight.

But that's not all, there's more you see,
I also got a sprain, and a bruised knee!
So here I am now, writing this story,
With sprained fingers I cringe in agony.

It was just practice with no referee,
But I sure do wish that I wasn't me!


Zorami said...

Didn't get to watch u play but heard that u made a terrific save :-)
Dnt worry abt the sprained pinky, it'll get better in no time.

rewrwe said...

Ahh...the story behind the hand that couldnt be shaken...lolz...
Nice stuff man..

illusionaire said...

I play football and I know it aint tough,
To be injured means you weren't rough.
You should know that fouling is no crime.
This is just me, your partner in rhyme.

Andy Varte said...

@illusionaire: Hey I made a great save alright...! Just need to practice on the landing... still can't move my pinky... found out that if the pinky don't move, the other fingers don't move either...! I also got a swollen lump at the back of my head after the opposing striker decided that my head was the ball - I'm not whining about that though - he got one in the family jewels later in the match... :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice poem with nice rhyme
Made me remember the time
I once tried playing football
And instead got hit in the ball
There I was in pain, writhing
With my girl on the sidelines, watching

Mosa said...

read this since this was a football blog :). i know only one other guy who writes about football.. some fellow named shankman? or Slambang? dunno forgot his name.

i also read the quote you made in the :about you: section.. its actually a quote by some person called Leo Rosten :)

Andy Varte said...

Nice to see the rhyming thing is catching on! Long live the rhyming community...!
@ruolngulworld: Why the heck you complaining 'bout getting hit in the family jewels with your girl watching... if she cares for you at all, it should be a good thing right... but you already knew that didn't you...? ;-)
@Mosa: You just exposed the idiot that I truly am! You're probably right. I'll check it out and change it ASAP. Football wise I'm not a good player, but as a goalkeeper, I often play because I'm dumb enough to go for any kind of ball dangerous or not... :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey, whoever is the author, its a beautiful quote. So why change it? Anyway, how do you know your girl didn't say the same thing - after all great minds think alike :)

Mi said...

reading your lines is delightful and watching you battle with the ball will be sure fun...
when do we get to see you on the field :)?

Andy Varte said...

@ruolngulworld: I've decided to keep it. It might not have been her words originally, but they meant something to me when she sent me those very lines via SMS (killed the vibe didn't it?) on a cold winter's night. My girl don't like me playing with my balls... pun intended! And my mind's not 'great' - it's just stuck within this great big head so I've decided to make use of it.

@Mi: You write really well, so I'm flattered... in a non-gay manner :-) Once I'm capable of getting the slightest movement out of this pinky without an ounce of pain, I'll be back out on the field.