Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lamentations In Rhyme

The moon is red, there's a chill in the air;
I think of you my lady fair.
Here I lie, without a care,
'cept for maybe the smell of your hair;
The touch of your skin. And tonight as I stare,
Into the darkness I say a prayer,
That you might save me from this nightmare.

And as the night begins to grow cold,
I start to long for someone to hold.
All the pain I've caused, the lies I've told,
Since the day we met, in days of old,
Serve only to make my torment two-fold.
So now I ask, if I may be so bold,
Could you love a heart grown so cold?

'cause I can't go on, if truth be told;
The pain inside's too much to bear.
For all the lies and secrets I've sold,
Pull at my heart as it begins to tear.

But I'll hold on, come what may,
If I knew there'd come a day,
When you'd hear this humble plea,
And break the chains to set me free.


illusionaire said...

Nice going there bro :)

Andy Varte said...

Thank you. Next time I'll put up something with a different theme... perhaps on a more 'happy' subject...

blackestred said...

FINALLY!!! I've been checking your blog for updates occasionally and you sure took your time to post one.. I'm sure looking forward for the "Happy" themed poem.. No offense but i think most of your verses are kinda aimed at the broken-hearted, so one about a mended-heart would bring a nice change.. :)