Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rapture Forgotten

I hath traversed the extra mile,
Seen the trail twist before me,
Thru agony, I'd carry a smile;
Still you serve to amaze me.

'tis not certain this emotion,
Mayhaps delight, rather rapture?
My words, bearing no assertion,
Yearn that I could forever capture -

This feeling in all its glory;
For in its discreet furtiveness,
My soul banishes all misery
And binds me in its tender caress.

But as time passes I slowly begin
To see beneath the smile you wear.
Divine blessing now my worldy sin;
How we once were a perfect pair!

My knees trembling and weak,
No longer serve to steady me;
My head hums as if to seek
The right note for a symphony.

I am confused; my vision fades,
And along with it the bliss.
Into the abyss my dream cascades,
Shattered and sealed by a kiss -

Yes! I remember - 'twas thee!
I fell for thee; smitten was I
By a love built on many a lie;
You left and withered my glee.

I curse myself, angry at the past;
Your tender kiss, your embrace
Have all gone, they could not last.
I sit tired as I slowly count the days.

The sun sets, and rises again.
The shadows fade, the scars heal.
Now as time starts to kill the pain,
Once again I slowly start to feel.

The storm passes, I've come full circle;
The road winds ahead of me again.
You taught me love, in ways incomparable;
I bid you farewell, as I end my refrain.


Mahruaii said...

i understand bidding farewell to such memories...or ??? isnt easy...they keep coming back with flashes of memories. i appreciate your attempts "I bid you farewell, as I end my refrain".

Andy Varte said...

@Mahruaii: I suck at goodbyes... I always have. Writing about it is just a way to make me feel better really...

Mahruaii said...

I know...but always remember you are strong. I believe you can make it through cause' you've come this far.

blackestred said...

Dude, your poems, when they start their rhymes,
Painting scenes of images inside your head,
The paint me a victim of love's many crimes,
So tell me, is there truth in what I've said?


Andy Varte said...

@blackestred: I'll borrow good ol' Shakespeare's tongue to answer that one -
"They do not love that do not show their love.
The course of true love never did run smooth.
Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love."

illusionaire said...

errr... so now its a formality that we have to leave a comment in rhyme?


Andy Varte said...

@illusionaire: Hey don't feel obliged to do so... but it makes it worth the while don't it?