Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update Coming Soon!

At least, I hope so! I've been off the hook lately, yes, I admit that. I'm smack dab in the middle of an end-semester exam; my trip home has been unexpectedly delayed due to a sudden screw-up of my air and train tickets; a girl I (used to?) care about that I've known all my life decided to tell me that she's going to get married; the city's recording the highest summer temperatures in recent years... that's how things are at the moment. So if I do manage to whip up a rhyme sometime soon, it'll probably be quite unusual!



illusionaire said...

Ah please, looking forward to your updates (and rhymes). And always remember, your exams are more important! :-)

MichaelSAYS said...

hey life isn't all a bed of roses...u'ill get over it

gkhiangte said...

dearest andy
i am sure you will get out of it alive
and live a little in aizol!
make sure you play it safe though.
when one girl goes another one pops in. ka tia lawm.haha.lol.
anyways, have a sip of appy to stop your bad mood.
p.s. i need consultation time with you..

duhawma said...

it happens coz this is life. hope there'll be sunshine amidst the dark..you'll overcome it.

Bumblebee said...

Hang in there,waiting eagerly for your new rhymes...